“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”


Check out our list of recommended movies and videos below. If there are any additional resources that have been helpful in your journey, be sure to send us your suggestions.

Movies / Video

• I AM
• The Shift” By Wayne Dyer
• The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
• What the Beep Do We know
• May I be Frank
• One Hundred Foot Journey
• Leap Year
• The Secret
• The Living Matrix
• Inside Out
• You Can Heal Your Life The Movie

Netflix Videos

• Fork Over Knives
• Food Matters
• Chef’s Table
• Fed Up
• Vegucated
• Food, Inc.
• Super Size Me
• More Than Honey
• Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
• Hungry For Change

YouTube Videos

• “Super Powerful Affirmations” – Louise L Hay
• “Louise Hay Self Love – Part 1”
• “Louise Hay Self Love – Part 2”
• “Louise Hay I Can Do It – Prosperity”

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